MiNA Therapeutics has a first mover position in developing saRNA based treatments with its first compound in Phase 1 clinical development.

Rational discovery engine

Harnessing a proprietary bioinformatics platform, MiNA is rapidly discovering and developing saRNAs to selectively upregulate therapeutic proteins.

Endogenous activation mechanism

saRNAs recruit endogenous transcriptional complexes to a target gene, leading to increased expression of naturally processed mRNA.

Target flexibility

saRNAs can upregulate intracellular or secreted proteins for therapeutic benefit and have been shown to increase protein levels for both naturally expressed and epigenetically silenced targets.

Intellectual Property

MiNA has a strong IP position in saRNA and is building a comprehensive patent portfolio spanning compositions of matter and methods of use covering a large number of saRNA compounds. Our portfolio is built around inventions from our founder Pål Sætrom that have been assigned to MiNA by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

In addition we have exclusively in-licensed fundamental patents from UT Southwestern Medical Center and UC San Francisco that broadly cover RNA activation therapeutics including issued European patent no. 2641970, "Modulation of gene expression by oligomers targeted to chromosomal DNA".

MiNA collaborates with leaders in drug delivery and has exclusively in-licensed SMARTICLES® liposomal delivery technology for use in clinical candidate MTL-CEBPA.