MiNA Therapeutics is pioneering novel treatments harnessing gene activation mechanisms through small activating RNA (saRNA).

saRNA design


Gene activation

Protein production

Rational discovery engine

Harnessing a proprietary bioinformatics platform, MiNA is rapidly discovering and developing saRNAs to selectively upregulate protein expression.

Endogenous activation mechanism

saRNAs recruit endogenous transcriptional complexes to a target gene, leading to increased expression of naturally processed mRNA that replicate full target gene functionality.

Persistent activation

Gene activation by saRNAs is accompanied by promoter remodelling, resulting in prolonged protein upregulation lasting weeks.

Target flexibility

saRNAs can upregulate nuclear factors, intra-cellular proteins and secreted proteins alike, in cases where genes are both naturally expressed or epigenetically silenced.

Clinical readiness

saRNA therapeutics leverage decades of experience in the broader oligonucleotide field covering assay development, chemistry, manufacturing, formulation, clinical and regulatory.

Intellectual Property

MiNA has a strong IP position and is building a comprehensive patent portfolio. MiNA holds technology assignments and licenses from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, UCSF and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.