MiNA Therapeutics Enters Research Collaboration with Nippon Shinyaku to Develop RNAa Therapeutics Targeting Rare Neurodegenerative Diseases 04 April, 2024 MiNA Therapeutics Presents New Data for its HbF Program at the Keystone Symposia’s Delivery of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Conference 24 Jan, 2024 MiNA Therapeutics Highlights Preclinical Research on RNA Activation (RNAa) Therapeutics Presented at the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society Annual Meeting 25 October, 2023 MiNA Therapeutics Enters Research Collaboration with BioMarin Pharmaceutical to Advance RNAa Platform Research in Rare Genetic Diseases 25 April, 2023


MiNA Therapeutics is the global leader in small activating RNA therapeutics or RNAa. Harnessing innate mechanisms of gene activation, RNAa therapeutics are a revolutionary new class of medicines that can restore or boost normal function of genes and thereby protein-modulated pathways in cells.

We are advancing a proprietary pipeline of new medicines with an initial focus on genetic medicine, while collaborating with leading pharmaceutical companies to apply our technology platform across a broad range of other therapeutic areas. 


RNAa therapeutics are an entirely new class of medicines with potential to offer transformational and curative treatment options to patients across a wide range of diseases.


 Our first RNAa medicine has been evaluated in clinical trials in over 130 patients and has achieved clinical Proof of Concept.


Our team have developed a systematic approach to take new RNAa medicines from an idea to patients in a clinical trial in just 2 years.

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