Working @ MiNA


We are a young but ambitious company passionate about delivering the full potential of small activating RNA medicines to patients. We operate as a semi-virtual drug discovery and development company, conducting R&D both internally and externally across an established network of partners and collaborators.

At our core is a close knit team of dedicated individuals working as a highly integrated team. Our culture is deeply meritocratic and rewards high performers that challenge themselves and are driven to make an impact on disease.



We serve the needs of the patient above all else

We strive to have a transformational impact on patients’ lives

We pursue opportunities with the highest chances of success


We take collective responsibility and fix things together

We nurture an inclusive environment with collective wisdom. We share information and teach our learnings

We listen to understand, not to be right, and constructively challenge each other with respect and kindness


We do the right thing

We seek truth and follow the science

We make rigorous, evidence-based decisions


We recognise difficulties but will not be deterred by them

We have the courage to do the key experiment

We embrace the winds of change, unbound by dogma


We are always looking for talented and passionate people to join our growing team.

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